Product & Services
  • Accordion / Safety and Bellows Skirting: Manufacturing of new, customized skirting or curtains
  • Refurbishing and repair of existing Accordion / Safety and Bellows Skirting
  • Safety, Splash or Clean Customized Curtains and Enclosures
  • We have a dedicated and trained staff of industrial sewers who love different challenges and look forward to dealing with the many creations our customers ask for

Our Clients:

  • Manufacturers of new hydraulic and tilt tables
  • Providers of replacement parts and service to 3rd party operators of lift tables
  • Industrial/corporate clients needing industrial curtains of any size/shape used to:
    • create work area enclosures (i.e. automotive, food service industries)
    • provide safety or splash enclosures
    • protect machinery (i.e. wind proofing)

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