M.I.R. Fabric Products Ltd. custom designs and fabricates safety accordion style bellows to enclose mechanically operating lift tables. In addition, M.I.R will create industrial fabric curtains or guards to fit specific requirements across a wide range of industrial applications. All products are customized to your specifications with quality workmanship.

Construction of M.I.R's Skirting/Bellows/Curtains – Lift Tables:

M.I.R. Fabric Products guards are manufactured with an industrial grade coated polyester fabric. For safety purposes the guards are sewn with alternating bellow folds of black and yellow material. Steel rods support installation and are sewn into pockets adding strength and uniform shape to sides.


Manual Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts & Tilt Tables:

M.I.R. Fabric Products guards are manufactured to custom fit any lift table.


  1. Web straps are sewn on the inside of the guard to provide uniform expansion of the convolutions. This feature creates less wear and tear on the stitching during activation of the lift table.

  2. The convolution near the top of the guard is fabricated of a black polyester coated mesh. This design allows the expulsion of the influx of air created by the table's movement.

  3. The accordion lift table guards are designed to your specifications: constructed to enclose the underside of the lift table regardless of the table's position. Guards protect workers from being injured while the table is in operation. Guards will also protect the lift mechanism from dirt or foreign objects which could hinder travel or function.


A collar is provided at the top of the guard for mounting purposes. The collar can be sandwiched against the table with a customer supplied piece of flat stock secured with screws, bolts or pop rivets. A pocket on the bottom of the guard can be weighted or anchor bolted to the floor with back up plates furnished by the customer. M.I.R. Fabric Products manufactures lift table guards with the collar sewn to the inside or outside as required. The inside mount has all the convolutions under the table. This mount is commonly used on pit mounted lifts where the convolutions do not interfere with the scissors action of the lift.

Safety, Splash or Clean Customized Curtains or Enclosures

M.I.R. Fabric Products will produce safety, splash or clean customized curtains or enclosures for clients of any size, shape or application.

M.I.R. Fabric Products manufactures curtain / accordion-style enclosures for the safe, clean operation of machinery.

M.I.R. Fabric Products customizes curtains according to customer's preference to colour, weight and size.

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